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Grasper for Hazardous Materials


A long (121 cm) metal tool with a hand grip on one end and a spring-loaded grasping element on the other. The grasper is actuated by an handle hear the hand grip. Spring tension can be adjusted using a knurled screw at the base of the handle.

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Primary Materials: Steel, Aluminum


The number “3” is engraved on two sides of the grasping end

Dimensions (cm): Height = 10, Width = 2, length = 121.


This artifact was probably used to manipulate radioactive isotopes in order to permit the user to maintain a safe distance.


This artifact has light scratches across its surface. The handle is discoloured and well worn. The mechanism is stiff; the grasping jaw closes slowly and incompletely.

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This artifact was gathered from the staff at the Physics Learning & Research Services of the Department of Physics on July 26, 2023.

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  • Donated to UTSIC