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Unidentified Glass Apparatus


A piece of glass consisting of various tubes and bulbs. At one end, there is a roughly cylindrical bulb connected on its side by a short tube to a a bulbous glass funnel, open on one end. The cylindrical bulb contains a spear of glass extending through its centre. Emerging from the end of the cylindrical bulb is another tube which is attached to it. This tube is is curved and connects to a glass tube outlet, about 5.5cm long and rectangular in cross-section, so it is quite flat. Emerging at a 90 degree angle from the beginning of this rectangular tube is another length of round tube which is open at one end. At the other end of the rectangular tube another longer length of round tube emerges, turns in a u-curve, and extends in the same direction as the shorter length of tube. This too is open at the end. Both ends of the tube are not smoothly cut, as if they have been severed while hot.

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Primary Materials: Glass


Dimensions (cm): Height = 26.5, Width = 4, Length = 12.5



Excellent. The piece appears to be intact, although it was likely originally part of a larger piece of apparatus.

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Provenance: Dr. Martin Lee’s Collection

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