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Biological Teaching Slides (Carolina Biological Supply)


Wooden box with brass hinges. The box lid has a paper cutout glued on which serves as a legend for the slides in the box, however the current slides do not coincide with the legend. The bottom of box has been fitted to hold up to 50 glass microscope slides. There are 33 slides presently in the box with sections of snake skin, fish scale placoid, and chromatophores.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.13

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood; Glass; Brass; Paper


Back Panel:

Side Panel:
Snake Skin Section
Fish Scale, Placoid W.M

Inside Panel:
54. Rabbit Duodenum & Pancreas
55. Human Small Intenstine
56. Dog Jejunum
57. Rabbit Colon
61. Turtle Intestine
62. Frog Oes. & Stomach, H.&E.
63. Frog Oes. & Stomach, P.A.S
64. Chick proventriculus
65. Pig Liver, Trichrome Stain
66. Pig Liver, H.&E.
67. Rat Liver, Glycogen
68. Liver Inj. Port & Bile Syst.
69. Rat Liver, Trypann B.
70. Frog Liver, injected
71. Amphiuma Liver
72. Lemming Liver
73. Rabbit Kidney, Lat. Pap., H.&E.
74. Rabbit Kidney, P.A.S
75. Amphiuma Kidney
77. Frog Kidney and Ovary
78. Rabbit Ovary
79. Human Ovary
80. Rat Ovary, Corpus Luteum
81. Human Placenta
82. Pig Placenta
83. Pig Uterus
84. Pig Testis
85. Rabbit Testis
86. Guinea Pig Testis
87. Cat Lung
88. Rabbit Lung
89. Frog Lung (BROKEN)
90. Pituitary Gland
91. Human Pit., Iron P.A.S
92. Rabbit Adrenal
92B. Rabbit Adrenal-Chromaffin
93. Rat Adrenal
94. Rabbit Pancreas, Ald. Fuch.
95. Thyroid Cat H.&E.
96. Lymph Node, Few dust cells
97. Lymph Node, Many dust cells

99. AKR. Liver Imprints M.G.&G.

Dimensions (cm):

Length: 22cm ; Width:10.5cm ; Height: 3.5cm


Microscope slides are thin flat pieces of glass that are used to hold small objects for examination under a microscope. Typically the object would be securely mounted onto the slide and inserted together in the microscope for viewing. This arrangement allows several slide-mounted objects to be quickly inserted and removed from the microscope, labeled, transported, and stored in appropriate slide cases or folders.

Microscope slides are often used in conjunction with a cover slip or cover glass, which can be seen on the specimens here. The cover glass or slip is a smaller and thinner sheet of glass which can be placed over the specimen.

These microscope slides provide an in-depth view of snake skin, fish scale placoid, and chromatophores for researchers.



Good condition. Scratches are evident especially on the top outside panel of the wood box. Paper both outside and inside shows signs of aging and discolouring. Signs of staining and fracturing are present on the glass slides located inside the wooden box.

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Manufacturer: Carolina Biological Supply Company

Date of Manufacture:


This box of 33 glass slides belonged to the Zoology Department at the University of Toronto.

Additional Information and References:

None of the descriptions or names on the paper legend located on the inside top panel of the wooden box match any of the 33 glass slides which are presently in the box.

The slides are broken down into the following categories:
Snake Skin
Fish Scale, Placoid wm

The microscope slides and box both came from the Carolina Biological Supply Company. The company began in 1927 by Dr. Thomas E. Powell Jr. r. Powell’s vision of a company that would supply science materials to educational institutions around the world soon turned into reality. The Carolina Biological Supply Company still exists today.

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  • Donated to UTSIC