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This is a cylindrical gauge with a circular dial on top covered with a circular glass cover. The body of the gauge is metal, perhaps brass. The face of the dial has a scale arranged in a 3/4 circle around the perimeter of the dial, with units from 0 through 5000, labelled in 500s. A long black needle is fixed to a pin at the centre of the face.

At the base of the gauge there is a metal rod sticking out. This has a screw end for attachment, and a small hole through the centre of the rod.

A paper sticker is stuck to the face of the dial, a remnant of the collection’s 1978 catalogue.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass


On a sticker on the glass face of the dial = “PHY505”. This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 catalogue.

On the face of the dial: “SUPERGAUGE” “U.S. GAUGE CO” “O890”

Scraped into the edge: “887”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 5, Diameter = 16

Function: Gauge, possibly measures pressure.


Fair: The brass exterior of the gauge is dotted with discolouration and corrosion. The glass surface of the dial is roughened and damaged.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: US Gauge Co., Pennsylvania

Date of Manufacture: Late 19th, Early 20th Cent.

Provenance: University of Toronto Dept. of Physics

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