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A standard galvanometer consisting of a wooden box with a (likely) non-original plexiglass top. At the bottom of one long side is a two-way toggle switch and directly below that is the power cord (approx. 2m long). On one of the narrow ends is a plastic gauge reading from 0-100 on the bottom scale, and -50 to 50, on the upper scale. The scale is unmarked but is possibly in milliamps. Immediately below and to the right is a single brown plastic knob. On the reverse side is a black plate with two battery terminals. The inside parts are visible and in good repair.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Wood, metal, glass, plexiglass, woven cord material


Old inventory number = “phy1025”. In the middle of one side is the manufacturer’s label, which reads “General Electric; GALVANOMETER; N.P. 60288-8; MADE IN USA; CAT.32C 224 GR4; US PAT 1947274 1968569 2027994 2027996 2027997 2192743 2192744 2326252”. Below, “1802” is engraved in the wood.
A yellow post-it note is taped to the right hand side of the item. It reads, “PHY1025”. This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 catalogue.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 17, Width = 20, Length = 20


Standard galvanometer for measuring electric current.


Fair. The sides, front and back of the galvanometer is scratched and nicked. The fabric wire insulation is somewhat degraded and is shedding short threads. The plastic (plexiglass?) lid is not original, It is badly warped, yellowed, and cracked in places. It is split where it was screwed to the body of the galvanometer, particularly at the front of the lid. A rubber buffer place between the front of the plexiglass lid and the wood of the body is degraded and crumbly, with damage around the edges. At the back, a paper label under the lid is stained and yellowed from contact with the plexiglass. At the back, a piece of black tape crosses one side of the panel; this appears to block off circular openings.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: General Electric; Made in USA

Date of Manufacture: c. 1920-1940


University of Toronto Department of Physics

Additional Information and References:

The original lid was made of wood similar to the remainder of the body of the object. The plastic lid was possibly added to allow the interior of the galvanometer to been seen.

Historical Notes: