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Galvanometer (Cambridge & Paul)


A 10cm (drum) horseshoe magnet mounted horizontally on tripod legs with leveling screws on the two front legs. The bar across the top of the magnet supports two terminals. A mirror is suspended in the box mounted between ends of the magnet, with a 7.5cm mirror suspension post on top.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass


“CAMBRIDGE & PAUL INSTRUMENT CO. LTD.”. In between the terminals there is a label “III E”.

Dimensions (cm):

height = 18.5cm, length = 16cm, diameter = 10cm


Detects and measures electrical current.


Fair. The object’s paint is chipped and dented; paint over dents suggests that the object was repainted. Where the paint is chipped, the metal is slightly corroded. There are two pieces of fabric tape attached to the rim of the object’s cylinder. The vertical tube of the object is discoloured and slightly corroded.

Associated Instruments:


Cambridge & Paul Instrument Co. Ltd.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1919-1924


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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Historical Notes:

See for history of Cambridge and Paul Instrument Co. Ltd. (merged 1919) which became the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co.