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Mirror Galvanometer (Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co.)


The instrument is a lacquered brass galvanometer with a cylindrical brass cover. It is mounted on a circular brass base. There are two fluid levels attached.

Cover has a small glass window, and two holes, one with a black lacquered rim and the other with a removable black plug. Underneath the window are etched: “THE CAMBRIDGE SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENT CO LTD”, “CAMBRIDGE. ENGLAND”, “No 7808”. The cover is affixed to the base with three brass screw-tops.

The instrument itself is a vertical galvanometer consisting of a large lacquered brass rectangle with a shaped eye-piece revealing a filament. The opposite side of the rectangle has the same etching as the cover. On top of the rectangle is a large cylinder laid flat with a larger filament encased in glass. Atop this is another brass cylinder, this time vertical, ending in two adjustable brass discs that rotate the internal filament. Attached to each filament is a tiny rectangular shape of unknown material.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Brass, glass, metal


All three screw-knobs attaching the cover to the base are etched with “544”.

Dimensions (cm):

Without cover: height = 33.5, diameter = 21.5; with cover: height = 35, diameter = 21.5


This device measures and detects electrical current.

Condition: Excellent.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Cambridge Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd

Date of Manufacture: 20th c.


Additional Information and References: Original catalogue number is PHY 1000.

Historical Notes:

  • Donated to UTSIC