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Four Stopped Pipes of Different Shapes


This set consists of four wooden organ pipes with bodies of various shapes: is tetrahedral; is cubical; is cylindrical, is spherical.
These bodies are all of equal volume, and each have a round hole cut into one of their surfaces. Attached to each body is a mouthpiece.

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Primary Materials: Wood


Each mouthpiece is marked “110” near its base. Each pipe body is marked “RUDOLPH KOENIG A PARIS” and “110.”

Dimensions (cm): Height=18, Width=13, Length=14.5; Height=14, Width= 17.5, Length=7.6; Height=14, Width=17.8, Length=8; Height=14, Width=20, Length=9.5


These pieces are meant to demonstrate that equal volumes produce similar sounds.


Good. There are a few minor scratches and chips on the bodies of the pipes, and the varnish is worn in places.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Rudolph Koenig

Date of Manufacture: Mid-nineteenth century


University of Toronto Physics Department

Additional Information and References:

Patalony, David. Altered Sensations: Rudolph Koenig’s Acoustical Workshop in Nineteenth-Century Paris. New York: Springer, 2009, 253-154.

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