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Field Temperature Recorder


This piece consists of a large, black, rectangular metal box set on metal feet at the base with a handle on the top surface. On the front surface is a round glass window through which can be seen two metal arms and a round chart. The chart is divided into sections indicating the days of the week and the times in each day. A third metal arm protrudes down onto the chart from the side of the box. A metal handle opens the front surface, which contains the round glass window, like a door. On the inside of this door are two metal labels listing information about the device.

A flexible metal cord measuring several metres protrudes from the back of the box. At the end of this cord is a metal probe which presumably measures temperature. On the back surface of the box are four bent iron rods, around which the cord may be wrapped. An original paper tag is affixed to the handle with a length of cord.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.58

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Paper


On the front surface: “Taylor”.

On the inside of the door, first label: “Taylor Recorder On parts orders specify serial no. 76JM4552-T Chart no OP11102
Color Red Blu Pur Bla Pen Data Range 0-30 Cent Bulb Installation Data Ft. Above Case Ft. Below Case Inches Immersion See tags inside case for Tube System Identification”

Inside of door, second label: “Application Information Model No. CSA App No 5245 Volts Cycles Watts Amps
Contact Volts 110 Amps A.C. D.C. Rating Volts 220 Amps A.C. D.C.
Covered by one or more of these patents Patented: 1933 1934 1938 1942
Taylor Instrument Companies of Canada Limited Toronto Canada”

On the paper graph: “Taylor Rochester NY Chart OP1102 Date On Number Location Copyright 1937 Taylor Instrument Companies”

Around the paper graph: “Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday”. For each of these days: “3 Noon 3 6pm 9 mid-night 3am 6. On a scale outward from the centre: “0-30” in 2-unit intervals.

On the metal setting for the graph: “Adjust Pens to Reference Arc Orifice Cleaner Orifice Cleaner”.

On the label on the handle: “Inspi”[illeg]. “For THIS was manufactured, assembled, calibrated in Plant no Taylor Instrument Co of Canada Limited TORONTO No. Date”

Dimensions (cm): Length = 35, Width = 14, Height = 48


To measure the temperature of water over time.


Good. Some corrosion on the body of the device. The paper tag is torn and damaged and there are spots of paint or other substances on the main body.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Taylor Instrument Companies of Canada

Date of Manufacture:


Room 419 Ramsay Wright, Lab of Harold Harvey, University of Toronto Department of Zoology

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  • Donated to UTSIC