Accession Number: 2009.ph.126


Wulf Electrometer, a variant on traditional string electrometers. A tripod metal stand supports a rectangular box, capped with a stout metal cylinder with removable top. On the back of the box is a rotating cover for a circular opening. The cover has some form of lens mounted in it. Opposite the cover on a swinging arm is a small circular mirror approximately 2cm in surface diameter. On the side opposite the mirror is a long, cylindrical lens, approximately 12cm in length. It has several focus levels.

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, glass


Old inventory number = phy363, 2009.ph.100. Plate on the side reads, “Gunther & Tegetmeyer, Braunschweig No. 7056”. Engraved above this is “1797”.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 25 cm, Width = 12 cm, Length = 23 cm


Measuring electrical potential. A variant on traditional string electrometers.


Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Gunther & Tegetmeyer, Braunschweig

Date of Manufacture: Mid 20th C


Historical Notes: