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Electromagnetic Solenoid with Removable Core


A lightbulb is mounted on a wooden base in front of a large wire coil. Inside the coil there is a rod (most likely iron), that can be lowered and raised (inserted into and removed from the centre of the vertical coil). On either side of the coil there are two metal rods, crossing at the top of the stand. A metal rod rises from the middle of the coil to meet the cross-piece of the stand. On either side of the lightbulb two metal terminals are mounted. Under the lightbulb “629 G” is engraved in the wooden base.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Magnetic Induction Power Control for Lightbulb

Primary Materials: Wood, metal, glass


The metal socket of the bulb is engraved with “GEN. ELEC. CO. U.S.A 660 W 220 V”. “EDISON CARBON 32CP 120V” is written on the bulb itself.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 38.5, Width = 17.5, Length = 23


Used to demonstrate the effect of an iron core on a solenoid. Inserting and removing the core will vary the brightness of the light bulb.


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Manufacturer: General Electric Co., U.S.A

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