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This instrument consists of a rectangular yellow box with a black handle and several different electrical cords attached. On the top surface is a space through which a strip of marked paper may be scrolled. Two needles indicate changes in the electrical activity of the heart and record them on the scrolling strip of paper, which can then be removed or replaced by opening a latch. A white button labelled “Mark” depresses one of the needles when pressed. Below this scroll are a black switch, two black buttons, a metal dial and two metal knobs (one small and one larger); above the scroll is a black switch labelled “Off-Power-On”.

On the right surface of the box are a small dial labelled “Fuse”, a switch labelled “Filter’, and a port for a thick black cord. This cord splits into five smaller cords; four of them are connected to metal clamps marked with different colours, and one is connected to a metal probe. On the front surface is a black handle. On the left surface is an outlet, into which is plugged a large gray power cord. Also on this surface are two small panels, one with a switch and a dial and one with three different jacks for cords. On the back surface are two labels indicating the manufacturer, serial number, and other information about the device.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.39

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Plastic, Rubber


Top surface:
Above the first black switch: “Off-Power-On”.
On a label: “Benson’s Surgical Supply Medical and Convalescent Aids Service and Delivery 875-1113 1005 Kenmore Ave Buffalo, N.Y. 14217”.
On a second label: “Cardisuny 501D Electrocardiograph FME”.
Near the white button: “MARK”.
Near the latch: “Open”.
Above the second black switch: “RUN INST”.
Below each of the black buttons: “DAMP. SENSI”.
Near the small dial: “0 0.5 1 2 DC”.
On the larger dial: “1 2 3 AVR AVL AVF V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6”

Right surface:
On the black dial: “5mA FUSE”
Near the switch: “FILTER ON”

Left surface:
Near the electrical port: “POWER”.
Near the metal dial: “STYLUS TEMP”
Near the black switch: “SPEED 50 25 mm/sec”
Near the three ports: “DC. AMP C.R.O DC12V”

Back surface:
On the first label: “Department of Zoology 8 Physiology Laboratory”
On the second label: “Cardisuny Electrocardiograph Model 501D AC 117V 50/60Hz 15VA Serial No. 21122398 FME Fukuda M.E. Kogyo Co., LTD Tokyo Japan”

Bottom surface:
“0.5A-100 120V 0.3A-200 240V”

On the black cord:
“Department of Zoology 8 Physiology Laboratory FME”
On the green clamp: “RF”, “Mueller No 30 BL”
On the red clamp: “F” “Mueller No 30 BL”
On the white clamp: “R” “Mueller No 30 BL”
On the black clamp: “L” “Mueller No. 30 BL”
On the yellow probe: “C”

On the gray cord:
“SVT E35611VW-1 KDK Kawasaki-S CSA TYPE SVT 3/18 AWG”
Kawasaki KP-30 Japan”

Dimensions (cm): Length = 28cm, Width =19.5, Height = 10


This device tracks and records the electrical activity of the heart


Very good: minor scratches and wear on the surface.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Fukuda (FME)

Date of Manufacture:


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  • Donated to UTSIC