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Projection Pointer (Ednalite)


The set consists of a long grey box with handle and locking latch; inside the box is the projection pointer. The projector is 35 cm long, baton-shaped, and has a light source at one end that can be focused. The other end has a power cord (approximately three meters) that runs to a sealed box mounted within the larger gray case. Also running into this smaller box is a larger power cord with a standard 110 volt outlet plug on the opposite end. The inside of the lid has paper instructions for the use and maintenance of the device.

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Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Plastic, metal


There are several labels on the set. The actual projector (the ‘baton’) reads “Ednalite Research Corp.”, “Peekskill, New York, U.S.A.”, “Patent Pending”. The top of the small box inside the case (power transformer?) is a label that reads “Ednalite Projection Pointer; Made in U.S.A. by EDNALITE RESEARCH CORP., Peekskill, N.Y.”, “110-115 volts, A.C. ONLY, Trade Mark Registered”, “0.4 AMP., MODEL 120A”, “CSA FILE No. 18129”. On top of this label is a label reading “ASTRONOMY”, likely affixed by the Physics Department. The tape holding the paper instructions on the inside of the lid has “McLENNAN PHYSICAL LAB, ROOM 101, DEPT. OF PHYSICS” written on it. On the top outside of the case is a taped on label reading “DEPT. OF PHYSICS, 60 ST. GEORGE ST., MCLENNAN PHYSICAL LAB, ROOM 101”.

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Height = 11,Width = 17.5, Length = 39.5


For demonstration purposes; highlighting distant objects (in the manner of a laser pointer).


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Manufacturer: Ednalite Research Corporation

Date of Manufacture: C. 1970


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