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Dumont 6363 Photomultiplier Tube


A glass vacuum tube with a brown plastic lower section and a silvered upper section. The upper face has a transparent, flat window with an orange/ red tint. Fourteen electrical leads emerge from the base, surrounding a central plastic pin. The box is housed in an unrelated black and red cardboard box for an RCA electron tube.

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Primary Materials: Glass, Iron alloy, Plastic.


Makers marking painted on the upper-base reads “DUMONT 6363 Made in U.S.A”

A patch of masking tape fixed to the side reads “OK”.

Dimensions (cm): Maximum diameter = 7.4, Height = 8.


Photomultipliers are sensitive light detectors, able to transform a single incoming photon into a useful electrical signal.


Good: The surface of the artefact has various minor blemishes and abrasions.

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Manufacturer: DuMont Electron Tubes and Devices Corp.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1960s to late 1970s


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