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Drive Unit Model D-1000 (York Instruments Corp.)

Mount Sinai Pathology Lab · Health Sciences

A metal instrument with a yellow-white front face. The remainder of the instrument’s chassis has a green-grey colour. The instrument has a rectangular footprint and a glass element protruding from the top surface near the front face. The bottom plane of the instrument is slightly wider than the top. The back surface is slightly inclined towards the front.

The front of the instrument has, along its vertical central axis, a threaded metal element consisting of two knurled knobs arranged concentrically along the threaded element, one above the other. To left of this assembly are two scales, each adjacent to a knurled knob, that indicate rates of flow selected using the knobs The upper scale measures in .5ml increments while the lower scale measures in .5μm increments. Four captive knurled nuts are located at the corners of the front face. A bracket attached to the left side of the front face holds a metal rod at the top of which is a metal holder with two cavities. These cavities may be intended to hold pipette tips as a plastic pipette tip has been placed into one of them.

At the front of the top surface is a squat metal cylinder cradling a glass envelope at its centre. Visible within this envelope is a dull white cylindrical element with a white rod at its centre. The top of the glass envelope terminates in a bent tube that is attached to a length of plastic tubing. This tubing leads into the instrument through a circular opening to the right of this assembly. A second tube exits the instrument through the same opening.

At the rear of the instrument is a row of vent holes below which is a fuse, a black-coloured power cord, a switch, and a power socket with a two-pronged plug in it. No cable is attached to this plug.

Accession Number: 2022.MTS.4

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Glass, Iron alloy


A maker’s label affixed to the rear surface includes the following information: “MODEL D-1000// 3/4 AMP. 115V. A.C. // SERIAL 154”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 27, Width = 17, Length= 28..



The instrument appears to be generally intact. It has small patches of rust, missing paint, and hardened adhesive. The two knurled knobs on the front face of the instrument are stuck in place.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: York Instrument Corp., New York, N. Y.

Date of Manufacture: Mid 20th c.


The Mount Sinai Pathology Lab collection was transferred from a display case on the 6th floor of Mount Sinai Hospital (600 University Ave. Toronto, On) over several days in mid-December 2020.

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  • Donated to UTSIC