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Direct Current Voltmeter


A square brown wooden voltmeter covered in leather which stands vertically. The instrument has a small semi-circular display, with a glass cover, ranging from 0-150 volts. There are three terminals at the top marked “+”, “15”, “-150”.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.33

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: wood; leather, glass, metal


On the front, there is a University of Toronto paper label and a metal manufacturer’s brass label reading “N.C.S. Nalder Bros & Thompson Ltd.; Dir. Cur. Voltmeter”. Another manufacturer’s label above the display scale reads “Chapman & Walker Ltd, Toronto, Canada; No. 92111”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 22, Width = 9, Length = 17


A voltmeter is an instrument used for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit.


Poor. The leather is suffering from red rot (degradation process found in vegetable-tanned leather) all over.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.10; 2011.psy.32


Chapman & Walker Ltd, Toronto, Canada; N.C.S. Nalder Bros & Thompson Ltd.

Date of Manufacture:


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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