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This piece consists of a defluxer contained in a gray cardboard box. The device itself is a cylindrical plastic body with a metal pole tip protruding from one end. At the other end is a dark red button and a black cord, and at the end of this cord is a two-pronged electrical plug. The box contains a small booklet of operating instructions.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.37

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Cardboard


On the top surface of the box: “Instruments by Ferrograph”
On the front page of the booklet: “WW Werite DEFLUXER (Prov. Patent) Operating Instructions WRIGHT & WEAIRE LTD 84, Blackfriars Road, Southwark, London, S. E. 1. and Simonside Works, South Shields”
Inside the booklet, several paragraphs and diagrams describing the purpose of the instrument and how it may be used.
On the front of the device itself: “Wearite Prov Pat. Made in England”, on the back: “Ferrograph Made in England”.
On the prongs of the plug: “Eagle UL U.S.A. 15A 125V’

Dimensions (cm): Length =11cm, Width = 3.5, Height = 3.5


This device reduces the noise levels in magnetic recording and protects tapes against gradual erasure of the high frequency components and the effects of cumulative background noise.


Good. Some minor wear on the cardboard box, a few small scratches and stains on the device itself.

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Manufacturer: Wright & Weaire Ltd

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  • Donated to UTSIC