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D.C. Voltmeter


The voltmeter is mounted on a wooden base, and is supported upright by being attached at the rear to a vertical board. The voltmeter itself is painted black and the wood stand is varnished.

On the face of the voltmeter there is raised lettering giving the maker’s name and information about the instrument. Among these inscriptions set at the centre of the face is a small circular knob, and above that is a small plate detailing patent information.

The top of the face is dominated by a large linear arc-shaped scale made of translucent white material. There are two indicator needles; one large, one small. There are two scales along the scale; the lower one runs from 0-6, and the top scale runs from 0-120. Both have ten graduations between units.

The white backing plate of the scale has split and been repaired. Immediately behind the scale is a light bulb set into a plastic screw stand, apparently for illuminating the scale from the rear. The top of the voltmeter has a plastic label-maker label reading “D.C. VOLTS”.

On the rear of the voltmeter, there are numerous electric terminals on the rear of the voltmeter. Some of these are labelled with metal engraved labels, one on the left labelled “+” and the two on the right marked “6 Volts” and “120 Volts”. Two smaller electrical terminals are sit on top of the vertical wooden support plate at the back of the instrument. These are labelled with plastic labels reading “NEGATIVE” or “POSITIVE”. Insulated wires connect the terminals. On a black box affixed to the rear of the instrument there is a metal label containing model and make information about the instrument.

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Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Glass


Old inventory number = phy1027A-C. The face of the voltmeter has “WESTON STATION VOLTMETER, NO. 10752”, “MADE BY WESTON ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO., NEWARK, N.J., U.S.A.” written on it with patent information written above this. The back projection of the voltmeter has a metal label reading “Weston Elec. Inst. Corp., Newark, N.J., U.S.A., MULTIPLIER”, “Type 31”, “Max. Volts 130”, “Model 33”, “No. 10752”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 37, Width = 33, Length = 30


Measuring voltage in electric current; possibly a demonstration device


Good. The white backing plate of the scale has split and been repaired. The metal is slightly corroded and the wooden base and backing is nicked and dented in places.

Associated Instruments:


Weston Electrical Instrument Company, Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Date of Manufacture: Early 20th Cent.


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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