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Centripetal Force Experiment (Central Scientific Co.)


A black wooden box with label. Inside the box there is a wooden ruler with 0-7.75 inches on one side and 0-20 centimeters on the other side. Included in the box is a T-shaped metal apparatus. A large weight is attached to the base of the T. The T-shaped apparatus has a rail system which allows the length to be adjusted.

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Primary Materials: Wood, metal


A black wooden box with label “Centripetal Force exp’t”. The weights are labeled “Central Scientific Co, Chicago”, “658G”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 8, Width = 16.5, Length = 26


Used to measure centripetal force. Most likely, the device would have been mounted on a centrifuge. Weights were probably attached in a manner so that one could determine the effect of centripetal force on the spinning instrument, which could be measured with the ruler.


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Central Scientific Co, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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