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Centrifugal Force Apparatus


A pastel green wooden board serves as the base for a centrifugal force apparatus. The actual apparatus consists of two wheels connected by rubber tubing. The small wheel has a wooden handle attached to it. Turning the handle revolves a larger wheel, which is just a thin rim. The larger wheel has a large metal protrusion rising up from the centre. The large wheel has two opposing arms radiating from the middle to the outside rim. A printed label reads “15/B”. A small counter is attached to reveal the number of revolutions.

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Primary Materials: Metal, wood, rubber


A manufacturer’s plate on the device reads “G. Cusson’s Limited, Technical Works, Broughton, Manchester, 7; 1145 / X. Centrifugal Force Apparatus”. Under the label is engraved “792”. The arms of the larger wheel are stamped “G. Cussons Ltd., The Technical Works Manchester, Patent No. 207690”. On the side of the counter the following is written: “THE VEDER M.F.G.CO / PATENTED VEDER / OCT.3 1989 / HARDFORD, CONN U.S.A”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 33, Width = 61, Length = 122

Function: For measuring centrifugal force.


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G. Cussons Ltd., The Technical Works, Broughton, Manchester; TH

Date of Manufacture: 1989


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