Cathode ray tube with two minerals


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A pair of 12 cm glass bulbs are mounted on a turned wooden base. The bulbs are joined by a T-shaped glass tube that runs from the base to the bottom of each large bulb. Inside each bulb is a glass support or arm holding a mineral with small glass fingers.

FROM OLD CATALOGUE CARD: “2 12 cm glass spheres held by T-shaped glass tube; support in turned wood base; each contains white substance supported in centre by glass tube; disc shaped electrode in top of each; overall height 32 cm.”

Alternative Name: Crookes tube with two minerals

Primary Materials: Wood, Glass, Metal

Markings: Old inventory number = phy74.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 32, Width = 24.5; Bulb: Diameter = 12; Base: Diameter = 12


Minerals fluoresce under bombardment of cathode rays. Possibly used for spectroscopy.


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