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Cathode Ray Tube with Maltese Cross (Leybold)


A tapered glass cylinder on a turned wooden base with electrodes mounted in glass tubes that project from the main cylinder. A hinged Maltese cross electrode is positioned inside the glass cylinder. On the wooden base there is a label “MADE IN GERMANY” and underneath it “1142B”.

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Alternative Name: Crookes Tube with Maltese Cross

Primary Materials: Metal, glass, wood


On the wooden base there is a label “MADE IN GERMANY” and underneath it “1142B”.
Attached is a label cardboard label that reads “LEYBOLD 55545// 12 April, 1957”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 26.5, length = 32, width = 12


This demonstration instrument shows the path of cathode rays using fluorescence. Ions accelerated from the cathode at the front of the tube cause the back of the tube to fluoresce. When their path is interrupted by the metal shield, this creates a cross-shaped void in the fluorescing pattern.


This instrument is in good cosmetic condition. The finish of the wooden base is lightly worn and chipped.

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Leybold, Cologne, Germany

Date of Manufacture: 12 April, 1957


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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  • Donated to UTSIC