Cathode ray tube with five minerals


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A 26 cm glass bulb mounted on a wooden collar stemming from a wooden base. The bottom half of the bulb is narrow, 7 cm in diameter, and the top half is spherical, coming to a point with a metal (copper?) cover on top. Halfway up the first, narrow part of the bulb is a short, 5 cm projection with an electrode in it. Inside the large bulb are five different minerals secured in glass fixtures.

Alternative Name: Crookes tube; Fluorescing tube

Primary Materials: Metal, Wood, Glass

Markings: Old Inventory Number = phy76

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 35, Base Diameter = 14, Bulb Diameter = 14


Minerals fluoresce under bombardment of cathode rays. Possibly used for spectroscopy.


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Historical Notes:

Likely built by Richard Muller-Uri (Braunschweig)