Cathode ray tube with coral


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A cathode ray tube with a long bulb containing fluorescing coral, mounted on a turned wooden base. The long narrow bottom part becomes pear-shaped after 14 cm, coming to a point with a metal, disc-shaped electrode on the top. Halfway up the narrow glass part is a short, 4 cm projection with another electrode. Three coral-like stones are mounted inside the bulb on glass mounting arms.

FROM OLD CATALOG CARD: “elongated 36 cm glass bulb on turned wooden base; 3 pieces white coral-like substances supported in centre of bulb by 20 cm glass tube; disc shaped electrode at top of bulb; electrode held in projection from stem”

Alternative Name: Crookes Tube with coral

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Glass

Markings: Old inventory number = phy72.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 46, Base Diameter = 10, Bulb Diameter = 12


Coral fluoresces under bombardment of cathode rays. Possibly used for spectroscopy.


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