Cathode Ray Tube


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Crookes Maltese Cross Cathode Ray Tube. A glass tapering cylinder (shaped like a ear on its side) on a turned wood base with Maltese cross-shaped electrodes mounted in glass projections. The Maltese cross electrode is hinged.

Alternative Name: Crookes Tube with Maltese Cross

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Glass

Markings: Old inventory number = phy27.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 26.5, Width = 12.5, Length = 32.5


For Demonstrating physicality of cathode rays. Hinged maltese cross is illuminated, casting a shadow behind it. When the tube is shaken, the cross falls, and the previously shadowed area is illuminated, though somewhat brighter than the surrounding area.


Associated Instruments: Crookes Tubes (Various)

Manufacturer: Unknown

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