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Four-Headed Bunsen Burner


Four metal tubes rise from a single circular disc which is attached to the steel base. The circular base has a projection for attaching a gas line. Each of the four tubes is topped by a nozzle.

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Primary Materials: Metal


On the cylindrical disk directly below the nozzles, there is a paper label: “PHY624”. This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 catalogue.

On the base of the burner: “ANDERSON & FORREST

Written on the base of the burner in pen: “T.F.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 11.5cm, Diameter of base = 7


Providing heat through the burning of gas.


Fair. The base of the burner is in good condition with a few small scratches. The four cylindrical nozzles are corroded and discoloured.

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Manufacturer: Anderson & Forrester, Denver

Date of Manufacture:


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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