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Three-Headed Bunsen Burner


Three metal tubes rise from a steel base, each of the tubes is interrupted. The gaps between the top and bottom of the tubes can be closed with screwed notched wheels. At the base of the tubes is a projection for attaching a gas line. Just above the projection of the three tubes, there is a vent. Each of the three tubes ends in a nozzle.

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Primary Materials: Metal


Around the cylindrical base, on a paper label: “PHY627”. This refers to the object’s entry in the 1978 catalogue.

On the base: “T.F.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 16.5cm, Diameter of base = 5


Providing heat through the burning of gas.


Fair. The tubes of the burner are somewhat corroded.

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Date of Manufacture:


University of Toronto Department of Physics.

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