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Breon Spirometer Model 2400

Stan Epstein Respiratory Medicine · IHPST

A blue and black cuboid instrument. At the centre of the top face of the instrument there is a slot for a respirograph chart. Above this are two cavities for storing disposable recorder pens. A green test button and a white switch are located below the slot.

Towards the bottom of the front face of the instrument, there is a circular mounting point for a breathing tube. This instrument does not come with a breathing tube. On either side is a clip for opening the instrument. A power cord is attached to the back side of the instrument.

This artifact comes with the following consumables, tools, and documents:

– One package of 6 red disposable recording pens manufactured by WEC inc.

– One package of 4 black disposable recording pens manufactured by WEC inc.

– One package of 4 black disposable recording pens manufactured by Vacumetrics Inc.

– One package containing 6 disposable nose plugs and four loose disposable pen covers.

– One small package containing one red and two black disposable recording pens unknown manufacture. These appear to be of a different format than those used by this machine.

– Breon Spirometer Model 2400 “Directions for Interpretation” sheet.

– One unopened, plastic-wrapped package of 100 Respirograph Charts (S123 #2406)

– Two marked respirograph charts, one completed by Dr. Stanley Epstein dated 1984, the other dated 1982.

– One plastic Flow Rate Calculator in a paper sleeve (Reorder Catalogue #2018).

– One plastic Dual Range Percentage Scale in a paper sleeve (Reorder Catalogue #2017).

– Two copies of “Predicted Norman Spirometric Values (Morris)” (Reorder Catalogue #2016).

– One copy Breon Spirometer Model 2400 Operator’s Manual. This is accompanied by: A one-page letter from Breon-Wintrop Laboratories of Aurora, On providing a correction to the information in the manual, a one-page document entitled “Institutions for Replacing the Diaphragm in Breon Model 2400 Spirometer”, and a one-page document entitled “Directions for Operating the Breon Spirometer Model 2400.

– One copy of “Predicted Norman Spirometric Values (Kory)” (Reorder Catalog #2015).

– One blank copy one-page “pulmonary Function Test Report” (Reorder Catalog #2007).

Accession Number: 2019.ihpst.92

Alternative Name: Volume Displacement Spirometer

Primary Materials: Plastic, Metal


A label on the back face of the instrument provides the following information:
“Part No, 2400”
“Serial No. 9001”
“U. S. Patent Numbers 3985124”

Dimensions (cm):

2019.ihpst.92.1: Height = 25, Width = 27.5, Length = 38.


Spirometry is a test to measure vital capacity in order to diagnose airway obstruction. A spirometer is an office instrument to provide a measurement of vital lung capacity.

This volume displacement spirometer provides a recording of a time/ volume curve of a patient’s exhalation.


Very good: There are slight abrasions on the finish of the top surface of the main instrument. The instrument no longer has a breathing tube.

Associated Instruments:


Breon Laboratories Inc. Instrumentation and Life Support Division, 90 Park Avenue, New York, NY, 10016.

Date of Manufacture: c. 1982


This instrument was used in the office of Dr. Stan Epstein. It was acquired along with a collection of medical artifacts from his home on February 19, 2019.

Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes:

This instrument represents an earlier generation of spirometers that measure vital capacity using a time/ volume curve. Later instruments use a flow/ volume measurement.