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Blood Gas Test Apparatus


This piece consists of a clear acrylic rectangular body encasing two tubes, each marked with a scale. One tube runs the entire length of the rectangular body and is marked from 0 to 100 at 10-unit intervals. The second tube is enclosed at both ends, one of which contains a reservoir of mercury. This tube is marked from 0 to 50 in intervals of 10 degrees Celsius.

A small lever on a spring can be pressed to raise or lower an arm at one end of the acrylic body. This arm presses against a metal dial that in turn is affixed to the first tube. The entire instrument is set on four rubber feet adhered to the bottom surface.

Accession Number: 2016.zoo.60

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Acrylic, metal, mercury, rubber


On the first tube: “0-100” in 10-unit intervals.
On the second tube: “0-50 C” in intervals of 10 degrees.

Dimensions (cm): Length = 23, Width= 4,5, Height = 3.5

Function: To measure gases in blood.


Good. The rubber is somewhat corroded and there is dust and scratching on the acrylic body.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Harold Harvey

Date of Manufacture:


This object was collected from the laboratory of Dr. Harold Harvey in room 419 in the Ramsey Wright Zoology Laboratories at the University of Toronto, in November 2016.

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  • Donated to UTSIC