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Battery box (Exide)


Hard black rubber box with no lid. Box is empty. Exterior has a variety of designs and text. Interior contains 15 empty battery chambers.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Hard rubber


Interior: “143”

Exterior: “When it’s an Exide you start”

“Exide batteries of Canada. Ltd. Toronto. Genuine Hard Rubber.”

“Exide sure-start 151, No-Over-Flo”

“Exide sure-start 151, Capacity Ratings. 20 how – 95 A.H. 300 AMR O’F 31 Min”

“N,b Stokes Canada, Hard Rubber A”

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 7.5 cm, Wiedth = 7.5 cm, Length – 9 cm

Function: Containing batteries


Excellent – some wear on the interior. No batteries present.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Exide, Toronto, Canada.

Date of Manufacture: C. Mid-late 20th century


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