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Auto Camera Control Unit


This object is a wooden box containing controls for the ‘Auto Camera’ (item An inverse plug in the top right hand corner reads “Mains Input: 110 V. A.C. 50~”. Adjacent to the plug is a pair of toggle switches both labeled “ON/OFF”. A label under the switches reads “The Auto Camera Control Unit”. To the left of the toggle switches is another inverse plug reading “Mains Lighting 110 V. A.C. 50~”. Under this is a socket reading “Camera Socket” which corresponds to a cable in item Under this is a socket reading “120 V D.C. Output”. Under the toggle switches is a small button reading “Camera; Press” and another black knob reading “Camera; Indicator”. To the right of this is a plastic case labeled “Fuses”.

Accession Number: 2021.zoo.77

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass


In the center of the control panel: “The Auto Camera Control Unit”

On the control panel, referring to knobs and plugs: “Mains Lighting 110 V. A.C. 50~” “Camera Socket” “120 V D.C. Output”; “Camera; Press” “Camera; Indicator” “Fuses”

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Height = 18.5 cm, Length = 22.5 cm, Width = 16 cm


Control Unit for Shackman and Sons ‘Auto Camera’ (


Associated Instruments:


D. Shackman and Sons; Made in England; London and Chesham

Date of Manufacture: c. 1950


This object was donated to the IHPST in 1982 by the University of Toronto Department of Zoology. It had been collected by Zoology professor George F. Holeton (d. 1980) along with a number of other instruments, and was donated by John H. Booth.

Additional Information and References:

A letter from John H. Booth at the Department of Zoology to IHPST Professor Trevor Levere dated June 3, 1982 lists this instrument among a number that were donated from the collection of Professor G.H. Holeton (d. 1980) by John H. Booth. (UTSIC Archive, File 1982)

Historical Notes:

  • Donated to UTSIC