Auto Camera Control Unit


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This object is a wooden box containing controls for the ‘Auto Camera’ (item An inverse plug in the top right hand corner reads “Mains Input: 110 V. A.C. 50~”. Adjacent to the plug is a pair of toggle switches both labeled “ON/OFF”. A label under the switches reads “The Auto Camera Control Unit”. To the left of the toggle switches is another inverse plug reading “Mains Lighting 110 V. A.C. 50~”. Under this is a socket reading “Camera Socket” which corresponds to a cable in item Under this is a socket reading “120 V D.C. Output”. Under the toggle switches is a small button reading “Camera; Press” and another black knob reading “Camera; Indicator”. To the right of this is a plastic case labeled “Fuses”.

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Primary Materials: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Glass


In the center of the control panel: “The Auto Camera Control Unit”

On the control panel, referring to knobs and plugs: “Mains Lighting 110 V. A.C. 50~” “Camera Socket” “120 V D.C. Output”; “Camera; Press” “Camera; Indicator” “Fuses”

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Height = 18.5 cm, Length = 22.5 cm, Width = 16 cm


Control Unit for Shackman and Sons ‘Auto Camera’ (


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D. Shackman and Sons; Made in England; London and Chesham

Date of Manufacture: c. 1950


University of Toronto Department of Physics

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  • Donated to UTSIC