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Arm Restrainer


An elevated horizontal wooden stand with low sides creates a shallow trough to cradle a test subject’s forearm. Woven fabric straps 22 and 18 cm long are attached to one side of the trough; these attach to buckles on the other side. The end of the trough has a wooden hand rest and a metal rest lined with red felt for an index finger. The hand rest has broken away from the rest of the structure. To the side of the hand rest is a metal pulley structure with 3 concentric pulley discs.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.70

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Fabric, Metal, Felt


Dimensions (cm): Height = 15, Width = 50, Length = 10


To restrain a test subject’s arm to isolate individual finger muscles for reflex or resistance testing.


Good. The hand rest has partially broken away from the main instrument. The pulley system has been poorly repairs and its supporting arm has been reinforced with black electrical tape.

Associated Instruments: 2012.psy.71, 2012.psy.72


Date of Manufacture:


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.

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