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Arm Restrainer


An elevated horizontal wooden stand with low sides which create a shallow trough in which test subjects can rest their forearm. Woven fabric straps 22 and 16 cm long are attached to one side of the trough and attach to buckles on the other side.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.71

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: wood, fabric strap, metal.

Markings: Old inventory number = Psych 003.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 13, Width = 37, Length = 12


Intended to restrain the forearm of a test subject in a psychology experiment.


Good. No obvious breaks. There are a a few minor scratches.

Associated Instruments: 2012.psy.70, 2012.psy.72


Date of Manufacture:


Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

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