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Ampere-Meter (Carpentier)

University College · Physics

This instrument has a cylindrical brass casing with flat glass cover. The face consists of a dial with brass centre and a silver-coloured indicator needle. The scale and backing are hand-drawn. A roughly quarter-circle scale, graduated in single units, is marked in tens “0” through “50” . There are two brass knobs on the left and right sides of the casing.

This item was found with a wooden base and backing, upon which it could be mounted (2009.uc.61), though it is likely that this backing was used for other ammeters as well.

Accession Number: 2009.uc.15.1-2

Alternative Name: Ammeter, Amperes Meter

Primary Materials: Brass, Metal, Glass, Paper


On the face of the instrument: “AMPERE-METER; Carpentier; no. 730; Recalibrated May 25th 1893 by J.S.P. Phys Lab’t’y Univ. of Toronto; Keep away from similar Instruments on all Magnets”

On the left-hand knob: “65” Above this knob, there is “+”. Above the right hand knob, there is a “-”

Old Inventory Number = uc15.

Dimensions (cm): Diameter = 17.5 cm, Height = 12.5 cm


Measures electrical currents in Amperes.


Good. The metal of the casing is marked and scored with use. The backing of the dial has been replaced with a hand-written backing.

Associated Instruments: 2009.uc.61

Manufacturer: J. Carpentier, Paris

Date of Manufacture: c. 1880


Additional Information and References:

For information on the manufacturer of this instrument, see this UTSIC blog post: <a href= >”Jules Carpentier (1851-1921): A Modern Maker”</a> by Erich Weidenhammer.

For information on J.S. Plaskett, the Department of Physics mechanician who recalibrated this instrument, see this UTSIC blog post: <a href=””>In Praise of Small Instruments: J.S. Plaskett, the Physical Laboratory Workshop, and the Humble Resistance Box</a> by Ari Gross.

Historical Notes:

“J.S.P.” on the dial refers to J.S. Plaskett who was, in 1893, the mechanician at the University of Toronto Physics Department.