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Ammeter (Deprez & Carpentier)


The ammeter is a metal cylinder with an attached metal bottom. The top face is open, although similar models suggest glass once covered the top face. The top shows a needle and scale. The scale runs from 0-3, although under the scale it has been penciled with numbers and does not correspond to the factory numbers. The needle is fixed to a point in the middle of the face. On either side of the cylinder is a threaded terminal with a nut.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name: Ampere Meter

Primary Materials: Metal: Copper Alloy, Glass, Paper


Old inventory number = phy371.

On the face between the needle and the scale, handwritten: “Amperes-Metre”, “Deprez et Carpentier”, “Bte s.g.d.g.” Below the needle is written “J. Carpentier, Jngr. Constr.”, “Paris”, “J6 (?) 10583.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 6.5, Diameter = 12.5


Used for measuring electrical current, measured in amperes, in an electrical circuit.


Good: The exterior of the instrument is oxidized to a dark colour. The needle and the dial to which the needle is attached is oxidized and rust-marked. There are a large number of small scratches on the base, and the sides of the instrument. The glass cover is intact, but the cardboard face is dirty and scratched with pencil markings in places. Pencil markings on the scale indicate a recalibration.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Deprez & Carpentier, Paris, France

Date of Manufacture: 1878-c.1900


From the collection of Professor Martin Lee.

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