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The ammeter is a metal cylinder with an attached metal bottom. The top face is open, although similar models suggest glass once covered the top face. The top shows a needle and scale. The scale runs from 0-3, although under the scale it has been penciled with numbers and does not correspond to the factory numbers. The needle is fixed to a point in the middle of the face. On either side of the cylinder is a threaded terminal with a nut.

Alternative Name: Ampere Meter

Primary Materials: Metal, Glass


Old inventory number = phy371. In between the needle and the scale it reads “Amperes-Metre”, “Deprez et Carpentier”, “Bte s.g.d.g.” Below the needle is written “J. Carpentier, Jngr. Constr.”, “Paris”, “J6 (?) 10583.”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 6.5, Diameter = 12.5


Used for measuring amperage in an electrical circuit.


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Manufacturer: Deprez & Carpentier, Paris, France

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From the collection of Professor Martin Lee.

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