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Wooden Maze


The wooden maze is made up of three planks of solid wood. The bottom plank is one solid piece. The two top planks are carved into a maze pattern, and attach to the bottom plank with metal pegs that fit into a hole at each corner of the bottom plank.

Accession Number: 2012.psy.137

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, metal


Carved inscriptions on top surface of maze: “START” and “FINISH” at the two ends of the maze; numbers “1–14” at all dead-end points of the maze.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 4, Width = 22, Length = 30


Ultimate function unknown. However, the pencil and pen markings on the top surface of the bottom plank of wood suggest that participants used a writing tool to run through the maze. Participants may have been blindfolded, since the pencil and pen markings on the paper do not indicate a single line, but many lines around the edges of the carved wood surface. The instrument was potentially implicated in implicit memory and procedural learning tests.


Good. Some pencil and pen marks on the bottom plank of wood, where writing tool was used to travel through maze.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Unknown

Date of Manufacture: c. 1960s?

Provenance: Department of Psychology, U of T

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