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While and Gillespie Ruler, Model No. WG/P1

L.E. Jones

A 6″ ruler made from wood and celluloid with etchings for different fractions and multiples of an inch on both sides. The ruler has a tapered cross-section. Comes in a leather case. Markings: W&G Model No. WG/P1 Made in Australia; The name “Moxon” is scratched into the surface.

Accession Number: 2010.lej.37

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Celluloid.

Markings: Old Inventory Number = 37.

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 16.9 cm; Width = 2.2 cm; Height = .3 cm.

Function: Facilitating calculations.

Condition: Item is in very good condition.

Associated Instruments:


White and Gillespie, Melbourne, Australia

Date of Manufacture: unknown, post W


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