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Visibility Meter

DLSPH Occupational Health

A brown leather case contains a black metal optical instrument. At one end of the instrument is a viewing port and at the opposite end is a port for admitting light. Covering one side of the instrument is a black plate attached to the instrument with brass screws. On the plate is a series of brass-coloured switches.

Inside the case is an additional viewing piece with a glass window. The glass on this piece is broken.

Accession Number: 2016.phlt.1.97.1-2

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Brass, Steel


Dimensions (cm):

Case: Length = 9.5, Width = 9, Height = 18.


This instrument is used to measure the level of ambient light in a space.


Very Good: The buckle on the leather case is damaged. The second glass viewing piece is broken.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Bennett-Casela. London, England.

Date of Manufacture:


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