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Unidentified · Psychology

This device is contained in a case lined with purple velvet. Several different parts are set in the case.
Two leather straps with buckles are attached to a small brass aperture with a an adjustable knob and a small protruding pipe.
A small metal dish, mostly circular with one straight side, has a small hole in the centre to which is attached a small pipe.
A small metal pipe has a metal clip affixed to its body.
A square metal frame holds a rotating metal cylinder.
A small metal dish with a hole in the centre is attached to a small rubber tube with an egg-shaped rubber pump at the end.
A metal base has a brass arm and knob attached to a protruding tube.
A small metal plate has a small knob protruding from one side. The opposite side is encrusted with a clear orange residue.
A small metal “mailbox”-shaped box has a small adjustable knob and a rod with a ring on the end protruding from one of its flat ends. A square setting is attached to one of its long sides; a flat setting is attached to the other side. On the top is set a small axel with three wheels. A thin strip of metal is attached to the body of the box at one end and to the axel at the other. A movable pin protrudes from the top of the device through a square hole. A metal knob is affixed to the second flat end.

Accession Number: 2013.psy.151

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, leather, velvet, rubber


On the inside of the box: “Hawksley & Sons Oxford St. London”.
On the piece with the straps: “Hawksley London”, “8”.
On the square frame with the cylinder: “1”.
On the small pipe with clamp: “6”, “VIIII”
On the rubber pump: “KODAK”.
On the metal base: “HAWKSLEY 357, Oxford Street London”, “Hawksley London” “8”.

Dimensions (cm):

Box: Height = 9, Length = 15, Width = 26

Function: Unknown


Good: The rubber pump has broken off its pipe, and all the pieces exhibit signs of tarnishing. The box also appears to have had a leather handle that is missing.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Hawksley and Sons Limited

Date of Manufacture:


University of Toronto Psychology Department

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