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This piece is a wooden construction resembling a tunnel mounted on a base. The top of the construction consists of clear plastic plate set on hinges, so it can be opened or fixed shut with clasps. Partway through the tunnel is a clear plastic divider taped to a rod such that it can be removed or replaced. At one end, the tunnel opens out into a Y-shape, which is divided in half by another clear plastic divider. Both ends of the tunnel are open, though at the narrow end there is a rod which may have once held another plastic divider to close it off. The whole construction is painted gray and set on four wooden supports. On the bottom surface are two wires attached to metal screws set in a metal plate.These wires appear to lead to a circular hole in the centre of the tunnel at the point where it is divided.

Accession Number: 2013.psy.144

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, plastic, metal


On the metal plate on the bottom surface: “DELCO RADIO 7281360”. On a tag on one of the wooden supports: “PSYCH 045”. On a tag on the bottom surface: “Property of the University of Toronto”.

Dimensions (cm): Height = 17, Width = 26, Length = 49


This piece appears to be a tool for evaluating decision-making in lab animals.


Good. Some minor scratches and abrasions. One of the clear plastic dividers appears to be mission.

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University of Toronto Department of Psychology

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