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Unidentified Side-Closing Forceps (Shutt – Concept)

Health Sciences · Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy

A pair of arthroscopic forceps (model A1.1007 ) with a side-closing basket-like square tip . The handle has a matte gray finish. There is a large hinge mechanism on the handle that is unlike similar Shutt-Concept forceps. There is a band of blue tape on the finger ring of the outer fixed handle.

The inner handle actuates the mechanism.

Accession Number: 2020.JAC.40

Alternative Name: Arthroscopic Forceps

Primary Materials: Stainless Steel


Printed on the moving portion of the Handle: “A1.1007”
Printed on the upper portion of the handle: “SHUTT – CONCEPT USA”
Printed on the opposite side: “SS ONLY”

Stamped on the stationary part of the handle: “PAT. PEND.”
Stamped or engraved on the opposite Side Embossed: “STAINLESS”
Stamped inside the handle: “FB 933”

Dimensions (cm): Height = 10 Width = .6, Length= 24



This artifact is in very good condition with very light signs of wear on the matte finish of the handle. One the stem near the handle there is a sticky deposit.

Associated Instruments:


Concept Incorporated. Largo, Florida, USA.

Date of Manufacture: Late 20th c.


The Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy Collection was acquired by the University of Toronto from Dr. Jackson’s family on November 12th, 2020.

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  • Donated to UTSIC