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Total Knee Replacement (Unidentified)

Health Sciences · Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy

A metal artifact composed of two separate components: an upper “femoral” component and a lower “tibial” component.

The femoral component is a complex curved shape corresponding to the shape of the femur joint. Its outer surface is highly polished. Its inner surface is textured. Much of this textured surface is coated in a dried adhesive that is off-white in colour .

The tibial component consists of a flattened pad with a off-white plastic insert comprising its upper surface and a tapered stem protruding from its base. The plastic pad has been detached from its socket. A metal artifact composed of two interlocked components connected by a ball joint. Much of this textured surface is coated in a dried adhesive that is off-white in colour.

Accession Number: 2023.JAC.275

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Metal, Plastic


Femoral Component:
Stamped or engraved on a portion of the inner surface: “FEM. 7110-0009R// [unidentified logo symbol]c K98C398”

Tibial Component:
“T98C251 [unidentified logo symbol]c // 9# TIB. TRAY 7115-0009”

Dimensions (cm):

Femoral Component: Height = 7.5, Width = 7, Length = 6.5; Tibial Component: Height = 5, Width = 7.5, Length = 5.2.


The total knee replacement was introduced to address a number of knee ailments, especially severe arthritis.

This is an unconstrained knee replacement, meaning that there is no hinge between the femoral and tibial component.


The two components are in good cosmetic condition. The plastic pad of the tibial component has become detached. This likely took place during the removal process as parts of the pad that fit within the corresponding socket are damaged and distorted. The outer surfaces of both components are covered in a residue of dried glue.

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Date of Manufacture: Late 20th century.


The Robert W. Jackson Arthroscopy Collection was acquired by the University of Toronto from Dr. Jackson’s family on November 12th, 2020.

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Historical Notes:

  • Donated to UTSIC