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Tape Measure


This object is a retractable tape measure in a round leather case. The tape measure is made of woven fabric, is divided in inches and half inches, and marked in inches and feet. The measure has a metal loop at the end. This loop has been reattached to the tape measure and the end reinforced with plastic that has been stapled onto the fabric of the measure.

In the centre of one side of the leather case a metal disk has been affixed, through which a screw head is visible, allowing free rotation of the measure inside. On the other side, there is a metal latch that can be opened and closed, this latch is handle to enable rewinding of the measure once it has been opened.

Accession Number: 2017.for.10

Alternative Name: Rule

Primary Materials: Leather, Metal, Fabric


Stamped on the leather case: “THE LUFKIN RULE CO. CANADA LTD.”
“50 FT.”

On the reverse side: “IMPROVED METALLIC”

Printed on the tape: “LUFKIN METALLIC”

Dimensions (cm): Diameter=11cm Depth=3cm

Function: To measure distances of up to 50 feet.


Poor. The case of the measure is scratched and worn in places. The end of the tape has been worn and damaged, and repaired with staples and a plastic reinforcer. The metal components are slightly corroded in places.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Lufkin Rye Co. Canada Ltd.

Date of Manufacture: 1907-1948


Department of Forestry. This tape measure was likely used by undergraduate students in fieldwork training.

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