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Surveyor’s Clinometer


This object is kept in a triangularly shaped leather case with a flap close and a leather loop at on the back. The object itself consists of a square metal tube with an open end and at the other end a round, ridged screw adjuster. Attached to one side of this tube is a metal semi-circle shape with a scale marked in divisions of ten around the curved edge. At the far ends of the scale, the divisions are twenties and thirties. Attached to the centre of this protractor shape is a piece of metal with a spirit bubble in the middle. An extending arm reaches down from the centre of the semi-circle on a pivot slider with an arrow that acts as an indicator on the scale. This can be fixed in place with a ridged screw knob.

Accession Number: 2017.for.4

Alternative Name: Hand Level

Primary Materials: Metal


On the semi-circle, next to the scale: “PERCENT”
Along the top bar of the semi-circle: “KEUFFEL & ESSER N.Y.”
On the reverse side of the semi-circle: “TOPOGRAPHY”

Stamped into the leather of the case: “K & E CO”
Directly under this: “U.T.”
Cut into the leather of the case, on the top of the flap and down by the closing pin: “221”

Dimensions (cm): In case: 18cm x 9cm x 4.5cm


This instrument enables the calculation of the height of an object given a known distance from its vertical base using percentages.


Fair. On the instrument itself, the metal is worn in the corners and is discoloured with green (copper oxide) corrosion around brass elements. The case is worn and marked and worn along the edges. The pin intended to hold the flap closed is missing its tip no longer functions.

Associated Instruments:

Manufacturer: Keuffel & Esser

Date of Manufacture: 1910s-1920s


Department of Forestry. This object was likely used in the field by undergraduate students.

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