Stereo Microscope

DLSPH Collection · Public Health

Accession Number: 2016.phlt.1.96


A black optical instrument. A black circular base with a circular glass stage base supports a metal stem. At the top of the stem is a black stereoscopic optical element. The height of the element can be adjusted relative to the base using a black wheel that operates a rack and pinion mechanism. Hinges on the optical element permit interpupillary distance to be adjusted.

Primary Materials: Steel, Optical Glass


The microscope is marked with the serial numbers “29651” and “29652”.

Dimensions (cm): Length = 15, Width = 15, Height = 27.5.


This instrument permits the steroscopic viewing of small objects for dissection and other purposes.


Good: The metal stem and some screw heads are quite rusty.

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss. Jena, Germany.