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This is a stand for an unknown piece of equipment, possibly a microscope or similar. It has an oval base with a circular hole cut out through the whole depth of the base; this has a ledge around the rim so a round piece could be fitted in the inset area. Emerging from the front of the base there is a screw; this screw when screwed in, protrudes into the cutout area and would hold something in place. Three metal brackets, fixed by knobs, can be rotated to move across the open area.

Rising vertically from the rear of the base in a cylindrical tube, into which a narrower metal rod is fitted. Slid onto this narrower metal rod there is a cylindrical piece. A screw knob permits the rod to be raised and lowered.

Accession Number: 2019.ast.168

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Plastic, Metal: Iron Alloy

Markings: None

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 20.5, Width = 19, Height = 24.5


This stand could support an unknown piece of equipment, and would hold in place a circular platform, perhaps for observation or analysis of something mounted or set on a circular disk.


Excellent. The object is incomplete and dusty. However, existing portions are in excellent conditions, with very few signs of wear or age.

Associated Instruments:


Date of Manufacture: Late 20th Century


This object was likely moved from the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill in 2008, upon the sale of the observatory. It was stored at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics until 2017, when it was moved to a new storage location in McLennan Physical Laboratories.

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