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Slide Rule for Triangle-mesh-reinforced Concrete Slabs

L.E. Jones

This 16 cm slide rule is in the form of a plastic envelope (resembling a stock) with windows, within which a slide plastic sheet with numbers printed) can move. This slide rule contains the appropriate scales needed for calculat ions needed in determining the length and amount of steel needed to produce concrete slabs of specified requirement (in total load in pounds per squared feet). The company name and copyright are present on both sides of the envelope as well as the plastic sheet.

Accession Number: 2010.lej.40

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Cardboard


Old Inventory Number = 40.

“SLIDE RULE FOR TRIANGLE-MESH-REINFORCED CONCRETE SLABS”. “Copyrighted 1909 by the American Steel & Wire Company”

Also written on the slide rule are instructions for use, as well as a list of “assumptions”.

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 16.5 cm, Width = 8 cm, Height = 0.2 cm


Used to calculate the square inches of steel necessary per foot width of concrete slab.


In good working condition, but slightly yellowed with age.

Associated Instruments:


American Steel and Wire Company, New York, Denver, San Francisco

Date of Manufacture: Between 1909-1964


From the personal collection of L. E. Jones.

Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes:

The American Steel and Wire Company was formed in 1899 as a coalition of many barbed wire companies and in 1901
became a subsidiary of U.S. Steel. The American Steel and Wire division was dissolved in 1964. This slide rule was made by
American Artworks , Coshocton, Ohio.

For additional information about The American Steel and Wire
Company, please refer to: