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Rheostat and Ammeter in Wooden Box

The object is a wooden box fixed to a wooden base. The box is sealed with latches. Inside of it, there are two objects mounted on wooden bases. On the right is a black metal bar with a wire coiled tightly around it. A metal fixture slides along a bar suspended above the coil and makes contact with with the coil itself. On the left is a metal dial with a scale from 0-60. Mounted on the front of the box is an outlet. Mounted on the left side of the box are two metal fixtures. All of these elements are connected together by wires.

Accession Number:

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials: Wood, Metal, Plastic Glass


On a sticker placed on the dial:
“Unit is 1/100 amps”

On the dial itself:
“Made in England”

On the top of the front panel of the box:

On the front of the box, a tag referring to the 1978 catalog:
“PHY 389”

Dimensions (cm):

length = 33.7cm; width = 27.4cm; height =12.7cm


The dial is an ammeter, which is used to measure current. The metal bar with the wire coil is a rheostat, which can be used to adjust the flow of current.


Good. The part of the box where the hinge has been nailed into the wood is cracking. Quite a bit of dust. A little bit of rust on the ammeter.

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