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Precision Balance


A wooden precision scale in a mahogany and glass frame case with a slate base. The front pane of glass slides up vertically to provide access to the instrument. There are two adjustable feet to level the instrument at the front and one leg in back (brass).

The brass post in the centre of the instrument supports the balance mechanism. There is a small plastic scale at the base of the main brass post. There is one brass and felt scale arrestor on each side of the brass post to stop the scale pans from moving. There are three metal rods across the top inside of the case. There is a metal (brass?) arm with scale markings on top left side. The balance contains two (possibly aluminum) scale pans and 2 rectangular lead weights.

Accession Number: 2011.psy.19.1

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Wood (possibly mahogany); Slate; Glass; Copper; Brass. Plastic (scale at bottom of stand); lead; felt.


Old Inventory number = Psych 049. There is a stamp on the top front of the brass post: “EPW or GPW”.

Dimensions (cm):

Height = 50.5, Width = 40.5, Length = 31

Function: Precision measurement of weight.


Good, no breakage visible, minor corrosion of brass, copper parts.

Associated Instruments: 2011.psy.7


Date of Manufacture: Late 1800s


Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto

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