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Polyphase Duplex Slide Rule

L.E. Jones

A ten inch, duplex type of slide rule with a metal cursor constructed on a mahogany frame with celluloid laminated to the surface. Comes with a sewn leather case. Scales: Front: C, D, CIF, CF, DF; Back: K, A, B, S, T, C I, L.

Accession Number: 2010.lej.1

Alternative Name:

Primary Materials:

Metal, Mahogany, Celluloid, Glass, leather (case)


Old inventory number = 1. Model number is engraved at one end of rule: 4088-3S; Number 574176. Patent is engraved along lower edge: 1,930,852. Owner’s name engraved: G. B. Moxon.

Dimensions (cm):

Length = 30.99 cm, Width = 3 cm, Height = 0.6 cm

Function: Facilitating calculations.


Item is in very good condition. The case shows some wear.

Associated Instruments:


Keuffel and Esser Co., New York; Made in USA

Date of Manufacture: c. 1931-1933


Part of L. E. Jones slide rule collection.

Additional Information and References:

Historical Notes:


  • Donated to UTSIC